Cabinet approval to repeal Counter-Terrorism Act

Bandula Gunawardana

The government has approved the proposal to abolish the Counter-Terrorism Act completely.Cabinet Spokesperson Minister Bandula Gunawardana mentioned this today (03) addressing the media briefing at the Auditorium of the Government Information Department5 to announce the decisions taken by the Cabinet of Ministers.

The proposal has been tabled by Minister of Foreign Relations, Skills Development, Employment and Labour Relations Dinesh Gunawardena during the Cabinet meeting held yesterday. Speaking further, the Minister said this draft Bill suppresses freedom of media, trade unions, student unions, student movements as well as politics, adding that the Counter-Terrorism Act was heavily criticized as a means to “pamper terrorism”.

Accordingly, the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) in Article 78 remains the same, the Minister added.Terrorism will be eradicated and this country will be made a place where everyone can live without fear and, Minister Gunawardana stressed.

(Government News Portal)