Case of India’s Black Fungus reported from Ampara

Coronavirus breaking news

A person from Ampara has been diagnosed to have been infected with the Black Fungus that is spreading among COVID-19 patients in India.

Speaking at a media briefing yesterday (22), an executive member of the Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA), Dr. Prasad Colombage stated that the fungus could cause an increase in the disease and an increase in the number of fatalities.

Dr. Colombage said that the connection between the fungus and the COVID-19 infection is currently being looked into.

He further said, “The information we receive from India sounds alarming. The fungus has been linked to an increase in morbidity and mortality [of COVID-19]. They are currently investigating how the fungus is linked to COVID-19. It is still a mystery as to how it [the fungus] got to Ampara.”

(Source: Ada Derana)