Celebrating Vesak in April, a joke – prelate

Sri Lanka Vesak celebration

All other Buddhist nations, the world over, are making grand preperations to celebrate Vesak Poya Day, on May 29, and it is absurd for Sri Lanka to celebrate Vesak on April 29, Malwatte Anunayake Ven. Niyangoda Sri Vijithasiri Thera says.

Even the international Vesak Day was celebrated, on May 29, the Thera said yesterday. “According to tradition, Sri Lankans celebrate Vesak in May. However, the government has decided to celebrate Vesak in April. No one has the right to change the Vesak Poya Day.”

“The Poya Day, which falls on April 29, is the Bak Poya Day. Although there is nothing wrong with considering it an ‘Adhi Pasaloswaka Poya Day,’ it cannot be regarded as the Vesak Poya Day. Adhi Poya occurs, when two full moon days fall in the same month.”

Ven. Vijithasiri Thera said: “Buddhists, in other countries, including Thailand, Cambodia, Tibet, Vietnam, China, Myanmar and India, celebrate the Vesak on the Poya Day, which falls in May. Sri Lankan Mahanayaka and Anunayake Theras have been invited to the International Vesak Celebrations, to be held on May 29.”

(Source: The Island – By Cyril Wimalasurendra)