China donates school uniform material worth Rs. 5 Billion to Sri Lanka

China aid to Sri Lanka

China will donate 90 million RMB (5 billion LKR) worth of school uniform material to Sri Lankan students to meet 70% of the whole country’s requirement in 2023, the Chinese Embassy in Colombo said.

Accordingly, the first batch of finished material of 3 mln metres of finished material in 38, 000 boxes via 20 containers has already left China for Sri Lanka, according to the Chinese Embassy in Colombo.

In a tweet, the Chinese Embassy has mentioned that the first batch of school uniform donation contains 2374427.5 metres of white shirt/ frock materials, 350031.5 metres of white trouser materials, 150003.5 metres of blue trouser materials and 138134 metres of orange robe materials bringing the total donation into 3012596.5 metres of uniform material.

“All together 3012596.5 metres of material, about 10 times the distance from Colombo to Jaffna”, it added.