COVI19 crisis trumps the economy – Tilvin

Tilvin Silva

The JVP says it is the responsibility of the government to prioritise the lives of the people over pondering on the country’s economy in the wake of the threat of the coronavirus.

Chief Secretary Tilvin Silva said the government has failed to act responsibly.

Speaking at a media briefing Tilvin Silva while accepting that the country’s economy has been severely affected, he said the government must direct attention to controlling the spread of the virus.

Silva said the government has no plan in place to address this situation.

The Chief Secretary said the JVP will extended their fullest support towards combating the virus.

He noted that the governments shortcomings has resulted in creating public fear.

Meanwhile commenting on the President’s address to the nation last night, Tilvin Silva said they expected the President to make a responsible statement, adding that his statement was a mere election speech. He charged that at a time of a national crisis, the President made election promises.

(Source: News Radio)