GMOA threatens trade union action

GMOA - Government Medical Officer's Association - Sri Lanka

The Government Medical Officers Association says they will launch trade union action, if the government follows the current method of solving unjust issues raised by certain trade unions.

GMOA Assistant Secretary Dr. Samantha Ananda speaking at a media briefing yesterday said efforts are underway to raise concerns over an issue that was solved in 2006.

Dr. Ananda said the main cause behind strike actions must be assessed, adding that irrelevant issues are being raised by trade unions.

He noted the manner in which demands of unions are being addressed, will lead to several concerns in the state sector and threatened that the GMOA and other trade unions will also resort to union action.

Dr. Ananda claimed that many protests were held linked to the state sector adding that the National Salaries Commission was established with categories segregated as primary, secondary and tertiary in order to address demands.

He charged that the matter has been made a political issue adding that attempts are underway to harm the country.

Dr. Samantha Ananda also stated certain trade unions have provided false information to the President, claiming that a circular during the good governance government’s term was a main reason for the strike action.

(Source: News Radio)