Government concerned about the country’s security – Minister Fonseka

Sarath Fonseka

Present government is very concerned about the security of the country, and the dignity of the war heroes, said the Minister of Regional Development Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka.

However, if any soldier has done something wrong, the legal action will be taken against them just like ordinary citizens but it would be done in a transparent manner, he added.

Minister Fonseka was addressing media yesterday (7th March) at the Department of Government Information.

“We fought the war to destroy terrorism and thereby to establish the reconciliation in the country and to build up the peace among the communities.  We had to go for a war as there was no reconciliation in the country. We don’t want to fight again.”

Further speaking the minister denied the accusations by some interested parties saying that the security of the country has been threatened due to the arrest of several soldiers on crime allegations.

(Government News Portal)