Government failed to ensure safety of households – Vijitha

Vijitha Herath - JVP

National People’s Power Parliamentarian Vijitha Herath says the government that came into power claiming to ensure national security has failed to ensure the safety of households.

MP Herath speaking in Parliament today questioned the present administration on how it will ensure the nation’s security when it has failed to ensure safety within households.

The Parliamentarian said all households irrespective of status are living in fear of gas cylinder explosions.

He said even though the President has appointed a committee to look into the matter and submit a report in two weeks, it will be too late, as more explosions could occur by then.

The MP said the President must issue orders to recall all gas cylinders in question and provide replacements.

MP Herath said the amount of liquid butane and propane added into gas cylinders was reduced when the weight of cylinders reduced to 9.3kg from 12.5kg.

He said pressure increases when propane levels are high.

The MP questioned whether all technical equipment including washers and regulators were changed according to the new ratios adding it is clear that this was the cause behind the leaks and explosions.

(Source: News Radio)