Government needs proper plan for asymptomatic COVID-19 cases – JVP

Tilvin Silva - JVP

The JVP says the government is attempting to direct asymptomatic COVID-19 cases to remain at home, without a stringent plan in place.

Chief Secretary Tilvin Silva speaking at a media briefing today said if such a method is to be followed in Sri Lanka, a proper procedure is required.

Silva said the country’s Minister of Health has called on donors to come forward to purchase beds for the health sector.

He charged the government made various statements citing that Army camps and hotels were being set up to treat coronavirus patients while new beds were being constructed as well.

Reiterating that a stringent system is required, Silva raised concerns that an entire household must quarantine if an asymptomatic patient is left at home.

He questioned how such households will have access to food and medicine adding that the government runs the risk of inmates of such homes leaving to purchase essentials.

He also questioned how the government plans on taking action if an asymptomatic case turns critical while at home.

Tilvin Silva said a systematic approach to the matter must be taken adding that a responsive hotline must be set up in the least.

(Source: News Radio)