Government should protect working class – Sajith Premadasa

Sajith Premadasa

The working class people have become economically and socially the most vulnerable during the COVID-19 epidemic, former Leader of the Opposition and leader of Samagi Jana Balawegaya Sajith Premadasa in his May Day message said.

“Therefore, it is essential that the government ensure that all workers are able to survive at this time of crisis. They should be ensured of their employment. It is the government’s responsibility to show its gratitude to the working class,” Premadasa said. Premadasa also stressed the importance of carrying out this task without politicization.

In his message Premadasa observed that, “While the whole world is at a lockdown situation, there are many workers who are risking their lives during this calamity. I salute them for the great service they render.”

“Daily wage earners, workers attached to transportation, ports,tourism, self-employed, garment workers, migrant workers,small rubber and tea estate owners and workers, farmers who are helpless due to the supply chain collapse, the entire working class people, including fishermen, industrialists, traders are greatly affected during this time of serious crisis. Providing relief and facilities for them to live is an essential responsibility of the government.” Premadasa also stated.

Premadasa pointed out that there is great uncertainty for the entire working class as the post COVID-19 world will be facing serious economic and employment crisis. Therefore, this year’s May Day will have more decisive impact on lives of the working class people more than ever before, Premdasa also pointed out.

Accordingly, job security is a major factor when securing the lives of the working class during this pandemic, Premadasa further said.

“The government has the responsibility of acting on behalf of the entire working class irrespective of their differences such as party, class, caste or ethnicity. The working class people are in the frontline where they strive for the development of a country which is fighting the Corona menace,” Premadasa said.

(Source: Daily News – By Amali Mallawaarachchi)