Govt. introducing new breed of ‘terrorism’, says UNP

The government is trying to cover its inabilities to bring down the cost of living by showing a new kind of ‘terrorism’ said United National Party (UNP) spokesman Gayantha Karunatilleke this morning.

Addressing journalists during a media briefing at the Opposition Leader’s office in Colombo, Parliamentarian Karunatilleke said earlier the government was harping on Tiger terrorism. Now that the war with the Tigers is over, the government and its Ministers are pushing forward more terrorists excuses like ‘flour terrorists’ to cover up its inabilities.

“Today, to counter flour price hikes, the Ministers shout of a ‘flour terrorism.’ Tomorrow it will be ‘sugar terrorism’ and will go on like that. The people will not buy these excuses any more. They cannot be fooled everyday,” claimed Gayantha Karunatilleke while adding that though government Ministers claim that inflation is coming down, the people are not feeling it.

On the university issues, Mr. Karunatilleke said the government was boasting of establishing private universities but has failed to solve the problems faced by the local universities.

Gayantha Karunatilleke put forward a suggestion by the UNP to the government. On behalf of the Opposition Mr. Karunatilleke requested the government to reserve 40 per cent of the nominations for the upcoming Local Government polls to the youth and females.

Courtesy: Ada Derana