Historic moment where modern-day slavery will be abolished – Wijedasa

Wijeyadasa Rajapaksa

The next two days will be a historic moment for all Sri Lankans, Justice Minister Wijedasa Rajapaksa said in parliament today. He added that with the 19th amendment to the constitution Sri Lankans will finally be rid of modern-day slavery.

Rajapaksa made these comments after the second reading of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution at the Parliament.

He claimed that many President’s prior to this juncture had promised to eliminate the unlimited powers of the Executive Presidency but to no avail. However today almost all parties have shown their support to pass this crucial amendment to bring Sri Lankans out of slavery under a absolute one-person rule.

Wijedasa also drew on the research conducted on 32 countries that still had an executive presidency which stipulated that the system did not match those countries.

(Ada Derana)