Hospital Morgues Overflowing with COVID Bodies

Coronavirus breaking news

In an attempt to reduce congestion in hospital morgues, all crematoriums in the Kalutara District are to be operated round the clock. Kalutara Regional Director of Health Services, Dr. Udaya Rathnayake, said the number of patients dying of COVID-19 has increased rapidly, overcrowding hospital morgues.

The decision was taken following a discussion with Kalutara District Secretary Prasanna Ginige. Dr. Rathnayake added the Local Government Commissioner was also informed in writing regarding the decision.

Meanwhile, sources at the Panadura Base Hospital stated that due to the pile up of 45 corpses at its mortuary, including 22 corpses of people who had succumbed to COVID-19, a nauseating smell had begun to emanate, posing a serious health risk to the hospital’s workers.

Sources said, the mortuary refrigerator could only store 12 corpses and they noted that all other corpses are kept outside the mortuary or on trolleys. They added, besides the 22 corpses of those who had perished from COVID-19, a further unidentified five corpses and 19 other corpses had piled up at the hospital premises.

(Source: Ceylon Today – By Jayasinghe)