Sri Lanka introduces a hotline to report corruption committed by government employees

Government office in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has introduced a hotline (1905) for the general public to file complaints of bribery and corruption committed by government employees.

The Ministry of Public Services, Provincial Councils and Local Government announced this hotline 1905 on Friday (November 04).

In a press release, the ministry said complaints can be submitted in Sinhala, Tamil, or English via this hotline of any public servants at district secretariats, divisional secretariats or Grama Niladhari offices who solicit bribes or commit any other irregularities.

In addition, irregularities committed at the Registrar General’s Department, the Pensions Department and other public institutions under the purview of the ministry can also be reported by contacting the aforementioned hotline.

At the same time, complaints about public representatives or government sector employees serving at public institutions, provincial councils or local government bodies can be submitted to the Bribery Commission’s hotline 1954.