I only referred to a ‘handful of monks’: Ranjan

Ranjan Ramanayake

State Minister Ranjan Ramanayake yesterday said there was no need for him to seek an apology from the Maha Sangha as he had not made any statement insulting the Maha Sangha and said he only spoke about a ‘handful of monks’.

“I have never made any statement insulting the Maha Sangha. What I told you was that there are only a handful of monks who shout for blood and that 90 per cent of these monks are abused by the chief monks. Therefore what I meant was that a handful of monks are being abused by the chief monks,” he said.

“I clearly said about a ‘handful of monks’, but my statement had been distorted and the ‘handful of monks’ part was committed. I will take legal action against those who publicized my statement distorting its content,” the state minister said.

(Source: Daily Mirror)