Import tax on potatoes and big onions increased again

Big Onion import tax hike

The import tax on potatoes has been increased from Rs.25 to Rs.40 per kilogramme while tax on big onions have been increased from Rs.30 to Rs.35 with effect from today (August 23), the Finance Ministry stated.

It was only on May 3 this year that the Ministry announced that import taxes on Potatoes would be increased by Rs.10 from Rs. 15 per kg to Rs.25 per kg.

The Ministry announced on June 12 this year that the special import tax on big onions would be doubled from Rs.15 per kg to Rs. 30.

Today, it announced that the import taxes on potatoes and big onions would be further increased by Rs.15 and Rs.5 respectively.

(Courtesy: Ada Derana)