Karu asks government to provide masks, disinfectants, quarantine kits to the poor free

Karu Jayasuriya

The government should initiate a programme to provide masks, disinfectants and quarantine kits free of charge to those who cannot afford them Karu Jayasuriya, Chairman, National Movement for a Just Society said yesterday issuing a press release.

Jayasuriya said that at present Sri Lanka was facing an existential crisis and the dire situation called on all Sri Lankans to unite as a nation to take appropriate action now and to also take proper health care measures.

“Accordingly as responsible citizens we must wear face masks, use antiseptic sanitisers, practice social distancing and self-quarantine those suspected of displaying COVID-19 symptoms,” he said.

Given below is the statement in full: “We commend the efforts of the government to accelerate the vaccination drive against COVID-19 with the assistance of the health and defence services!

“But expert opinion is that vaccination only contributes about 50 per cent to slow down the spread of the new COVID-19 delta variant. Therefore public contribution through steps mentioned above is essential to cover the remaining 50 percent. Therefore the government should initiate a programme to provide face masks, disinfectants and quarantine kits free of charge to those who cannot afford them. If the need arises, the public would surely agree to the use of funds from the COVID-19 fund and the President’s Fund provided they are utilised in a transparent manner.

“We also urge the government to expedite the implementation of the World Health Organization’s recommendations, including imposing strict travel restrictions, to prevent the spread of the virus. If not, the nation’s loss of human life will exceed 30,000 by January 2022, according to experts.

“We also emphasise that it is the responsibility of the government to provide accurate information and data to the public regarding this pandemic. Those responsible need to realise the damage that may be inflicted on the country and its people by concealing information and presenting inaccurate statistics.

“The government must also bear at least 50 per-cent of the costs payable by the members of public to private laboratories for antigen and PCR testing.

“We therefore urge the government to immediately declare a state of national disaster and work to defeat COVID-19 as a united nation with a “National Council” of health, defence, economic and sociologists representing all parties in Sri Lanka.

“The most affected and victims of COVID-19 are the marginalised sections of the society. Therefore we strongly urge the Government to implement a Disaster Socio-Economic Protection Network to secure their daily livelihoods.

The National Movement for a Just Society is prepared to unconditionally provide all necessary support to implement this plan of action that would benefit the citizens of Sri Lanka.

(Source: The Island)