Kimarli Fernando resigns as chairperson of Sri Lanka Tourism

Kimarli Fernando

The chairperson of Sri Lanka Tourism, Kimarli Fernando has tendered her resignation to Tourism Minister Harin Fernando.

In her letter of resignation, she claimed that she could not meet the Minister to review progress and discuss matters related to the Tourism Industry.

Harin Fernando was sworn in as the Minister of Tourism and Lands on the 20th of May.

“I accepted this role on an honorary basis for the past 30 months. I took no salary, no vehicle, no allowances, foreign travel and foreign accommodation was paid by me personally. Having stepped forward to help the country I’m content that I cost the taxpayer nothing. This would be a good practice to encourage others to follow at this time of dire need.”

According to her letter, Minister Harin Fernando intended to appoint a new Chairman and Board of Directors.

“It is regrettable and unprofessional that we never met to review progress, to guide you on the best practices adopted. Two meetings that you fixed for 21 and 23 May were cancelled. Especially at this critical time for the nation, when tourism would provide the fastest hard currency benefits, the cavalier attitude you have displayed does not bode well. I hope I am proved wrong,” Fernando claimed in her resignation letter.