Leadership Training Programme in universities – Grero

Mohan Lal Grero

The “Leadership Training Programme” for university entrants will be conducted at university base, University Affairs State Minister Mohan Lal Grero said.

The leadership training will be carried out after enrolling students at university base. Accordingly, the training will be given at the university premises by the particular university for selected undergraduates, he said.

State Minister Grero was addressing a meeting with Higher Education Ministry officials recently.

The content of the training programme will be designed by the particular university. Even though, positive attitude and leadership qualities development components such as soft skills development, leadership skills development, exercises for physical and mental health, lectures for attitudinal change, etc. will probably be included. The courses for physical health will not be compulsory and the undergraduates are free decide in accordance with their physical status.

According to the State Minister, university students must develop their soft skills, physical and mental health to become complete persons, who will be an asset to the country.

“Generally, only the cream of our future generation is selected for higher education. Skills gain through leadership training will be an added advantage once they enter the job market and the training will be helpful to adapt with the competitive world and its needs,” he said.

(Daily News)