Litro Gas to release limited gas stocks to market until Wednesday

Litro gas Sri Lanka

Due to the high demand during the festive season and the delay in the arrival of the ordered gas shipments to Sri Lanka, limited LP gas stocks will be released to the market until next Wednesday (November 30), The Litro Gas Company said.

Several gas shipments are scheduled to arrive in the country by November 30 and the gas distribution will be carried out as usual after the ships undergo the unloading process, the Chairman of Litro Gas Company, Muditha Peiris said.

Further, he pointed out that orders of 34,000 metric tons of LP gas have been made for December.

“From thereon, the ships will continue to arrive until January. Litro Gas Company does not see a shortage of gas, but with the festive season in December, we observe that the demand is increasing to a high value”, he added.

The Litro Gas Company has distributed 42,000 cylinders to the market with restrictions rather than a shortage, the Chairman said.