Madrasa Schools should come under Education Ministry – Harsha

Harsha De Silva

One Country One Law should be the policy of the country, said Economic Reforms and Public Distribution Non-Cabinet Minister Harsha de Silva said in Parliament yesterday. He also queried as to why the Madrasa Schools to be regulated under the Muslim Affairs Ministry.

He stated that those schools should come under the Education Ministry like all other education institutions in the country.He made these observations yesterday joining the adjournment motion which debated for the third day on Easter Sunday suicide bomb attacks by the Islam extremists and its impact on Tourism Industry and other related industries.

He also said that the society and the community in the country should be steered by moderate people whoever they are may be Sinhalese, Tamils or Muslims. He also said that although it was the Christians lost the lives in these extremist attacks its gravest impact is suffered by the Muslims in the country.

“Hence the Muslims have the highest responsibility to take measures to eradicate the Islam extremism from the country,” Minister Harsha de Silva said.

He also said that the Government too has a responsibility to formulate and implement One Law that all the communities in the country bring under. He added that the Madrasa should be removed. He stated that if the Pirivena education in the country comes under the Education Ministry, the Madrasa too should come under the same.

He also questioned as to why the board signs in Kaththankudi have the Arabic Language on them. “We have to find out as to why they wear only black,” Minister Silva said. “Today the extremists attempt to adopt the Sri Lankan Muslims to a foreign and alien culture.

The Burka is banned in the country but the Muslim community wear the Hijab. The Hijab covers their ears. So we have to amend the same piece of law.” He added that one needs licence to keep a fire arm and we should have a same kind of licence to keep a sword too.

(Government News Portal)