MAS turns plastic waste into National Cricket attire

The Sri Lanka Cricket jersey made out of recycled ocean plastic

It looked like normal – and classy – cricket attire until MAS Holdings revealed the unusual origins of the National Cricket attire that will lend colour to the forthcoming Cricket World Cup 2019: explaining the transformation of plastic sea waste into a superior fabric used to produce players’ kits when the Principal Sponsor was announced at the Taj Samudra Hotel yesterday.

MAS has been Sri Lanka Cricket’s clothing sponsor for years and they have always used imported fabric, until this year, where they use National Cricket attire to showcase the high quality attained through their newest production system.

This project embodies MAS’s vision of changing the world environment-friendly apparel. “Sourcing fugitive plastic from Sri Lanka’s coast to produce world-class performance products for Sri Lanka Cricket, we have highlighted the advantages of a sustainable, locally contained manufacturing process to drive environmental conservation. We look forward to exploring further possibilities through the seamless integration of innovation into our sustainability initiatives, and addressing pressing environmental issues and challenges in Sri Lanka and the region,” said Sharika Senanayake, Director-Environmental Sustainability of MAS Holdings.

The kit features a turtle, the innocent sea creature that faces the threat of extinction due to the problem of plastic sea waste polluting the island’s coastline, along with the iconic Lion which has been the symbol of the Sri Lanka Cricket team and the National Flag.

Meanwhile, following their advertisement to find a principal sponsor for the World Cup, SLC has found a sponsor from India, Kent RO Systems Limited, which manufactures water purifiers and is heavily involved in sponsoring Indian Cricket team and IPL teams.

“Innovation is key at Kent. Be it Processes or Products. Updating the technology and upgrading the benefits keeps us much ahead of our competition. Our Next Gen ROs not only provide 100% pure water, but also retain natural essential minerals in purified water,” said Varun Gupta, Director of Kent RO Systems.

Kent already has a large customer base in Sri Lanka which it is looking to expand, and a sponsorship role in cricket has been found to present the ideal way to reach present and potential customers.

(Source: Ceylon Today – By Anjana Kaluarachchi)