More Sri Lankans arrested in ongoing human trafficking operation

More Sri Lankans arrested in ongoing human trafficking operation

(Thailand) Chonburi Immigration police arrested another group of Sri Lankans using Thailand as a transit point in a human trafficking ring.

Officers raided the Prima Place Hotel and an unnamed restaurant across the street from the inn, arresting Sankha Mihiruk Kumarasinghe, 31; Pradeep Chaminda Kumara Kuruppu Arachchilage, 30; Gayan Tharanga Wijerathne Rsaekanayake Wijerathne Mudiyanselage, 31; Iresh Gayashan De Silwa, 21; Sujith Ranga Ranasinghe Ranasinghe Arachchilage, 32; Chandralal Kumara Werake Meghasooriya Mudiyanselage, 23; Susil Waduge, 32; Amil Priyadarshana Kurpeththalage, 28. Another three unidentified Sri Lankans were also apprehended.

While all entered the kingdom on legal visas, authorities took them into custody as it is believed they are part of an ongoing human-trafficking operation run with the assistance of Thais to funnel workers from Sri Lanka to a third country.

Sixty-four Sri Lankans were apprehended Dec. 19 at the Bai-Yok Resort Dec. 19 in the Rong Poh neighborhood. A local resident said a Thai woman had been seen checking in on the Sri Lankans and had been responsible for finding them temporary quarters before being shipped out via Laem Chabang Port to another country. About 100 Sri Lankans previously had been moved. (Source: Pattaya Mail)

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