Motorcyclist stabbed to death following argument at fuel station

Police car lights

A motorcyclist was stabbed and killed by a three-wheeler driver following an argument at a petrol filling station at Horagolla in Nittambuwa last night (March 20).

According to reports, the motorcyclist and the three-wheeler driver were involved in an argument while waiting in line to obtain fuel at the filling station.

The three-wheeler driver had moved forward after obtaining fuel while he had then proceeded to attack the motorcyclist involved in the argument with a sharp object as the latter was preparing to leave after obtaining fuel himself.

The driver of the three-wheeler was waiting outside the fuel station after pumping fuel for the motorcyclist who had gotten into an argument, stabbed the latter when he came after pumping petrol.

The three-wheeler fled after the attack.

The motorcyclist, who was admitted to the Wathupitiwala Hospital in critical condition, had succumbed to injuries while receiving treatment.

The victim is a 28-year-old youth from Colombo 14.

The Nittambuwa Police are conducting further investigations to arrest the suspect.