Navi Pillay is disqualified to be Head of UNHRC

Navi Pillay

When public sentiments against international public officials are voiced internationally there is an urgent need to investigate why the world public should openly find an international public official unsuitable. Thus, the UN Secretary General is duty bound to listen and in the least hold an impartial inquiry to ascertain the grounds on which people in different parts of the world are vocalizing their dissatisfaction with Navi Pillay, the High Commissioner for Human Rights. Countries too need to pay heed to calls of the public and place an official No Confidence Motion against her. Navi Pillay’s bias against Libya, Rwanda, Syria and Sri Lanka are highlighted below.

Navi Pillay bias against Libya

  • Invoking R2P on Libya overriding principles of national sovereignty and international law.
  • Helping demonize Gaddafi and son Saif at the UN
  • Accused using NGO Bouchuiguir’s lies to suspend Libya from UNHRC and referring Libya to Security Council.
  • Using UNHRC to call for an international inquiry into violence against civilians in Libya. Her call for an international inquiry led the ICC to indict Gaddafi and son for alleged human rights violations and the Western media did the rest to portray that Libya had failed its citizens giving reason enough for the West and NATO to intervene. The plan was set in place to oust Gaddafi and replace the Libyan Government was the NTC (National Transition Council), comprised of Western stooges that had been arranged by the UNHRC and 70 NGOs on February 25, 2011 initiated by UN Watch and National Endowment for Democracy (NED). There was no evidence of Libya committing crimes against its civilians though.
  • In support of above, she temporarily suspended Libya’s membership at the UNHRC before the meeting to deny Libya the chance to respond to the charges. Navi Pillay was chairing this meeting. Why would the Head of the UNHRC not allow Libya to respond to charges, would an impartial head function as she did?
  • Navi Pillay went on to at this same meeting call for the international community to ‘act without delay’ to protect the Libyan civilians from serious human rights violations. She went on to forward her report to the UN Security Council after formally suspending Libya from the UNHRC. Libya was prevented from appointing a new ambassador to the UN after 2 of its representatives defected to the Opposition and were given special passes to deliver ‘anti-Gaddafi’ remarks. When Libya appointed Rev. Miguel D’Escoto Brockman (former Nicaraguan Foreign Minister) as its new Permanent Representative, his attendance was blocked by Susan Rice, former US Ambassador to the UN using excuse that he was on a tourist visa and not diplomatic visa. Brockman criticized UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon for betraying the UN Charter calling the UN ‘a lethal weapon of the Empire’.
  • In what was a remaking of the Kuwaiti incubator babies lies that led to Gulf War 1, WMD the lie for Gulf War 2, excuse for Libya’s invasion was the mass rapes using Viagra by Gaddafi troops. Like the previous cases these were all fabrications with no evidence but the lie was sufficient for the US to carry out a scathing international campaign which led to the ICC Chief Prosecutor Moreno-Ocampo (who has indicted 29 Africans) issuing an indictment against Gaddafi and son and accusing them of war criminals. Incidentally, all of ICC’s indictments under Ocampo not surprisingly were Africans and Pillay was a judge alongside Ocampo. All Africans who did not align to US policy goals ended up indicted. US citizens however are immune from ICC prosecution which makes international law and justice laughable.
  • She is accused of quoting civilian casualty figures without verifying truth – February 22, the UN Human Rights Chief Navi Pillay claimed that two hundred and fifty people had been killed in Libya….going on to say “widespread and systematic attacks against the civilian population” which “may amount to crimes against humanity.” – these were all lies prepared for the intervention by US and NATO.

Navi Pillay bias against Rwanda

  • Pillay is accused of establishing her international credentials as a servant of the US empire following a US-sponsored proxy war in Rwanda.
  • Pillay was President of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.
  • Opposition was made against her appearance by lawyer, Justry Patrice Lumumba Nyaberi in view of her bias.
  • She is accused of covering up US culpability in Rwanda – Stephen Rapp prosecutor at ICTR concealed US culpability in Rwanda
  • Rwanda’s civil war and “ethnic massacres were an integral part of US foreign policy, carefully staged in accordance with precise strategic and economic objective.” (Michel Chossudovsky)

Navi Pillay bias against Syria

  • Abusing official position of UNHRC Head
  • Regime change exercise in Syria started in early 2011 funded through ‘Friends of Syria” (initiated by Canada) conference on 1 April 2012 attended by Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird and represented by 70 countries. US committed to provide ‘communications equipment’, Saudi and Qatar pledged large sums of money, Canada committed to provide $8.5m
  • 18 Feb 2013, repeating calls for Syrian President Assad to be referred to the ICC. Is Assad who is repelling mercenaries attacking Syria wrong or the mercenaries funded and trained by the West?
  • Calling for military intervention in Syria (under the disguise of a humanitarian intervention) ignoring the ground realities of rebels following orders by the West
  • Seeking an arrest warrant against Assad to officially delegitimize his Government and to turn Assad into an international fugitive.
  • Referring to foreign compiled bogus-films to accuse Syria of crimes against humanity.
  • Completely ignoring US/Allies call to send mercenaries to oust President Assad. Did she forget the Nuremberg Principles, the London Charter of 1945, and Article 1 of the UN Charter that regime change within a sovereign country was a war crime? Did Pillay have to be told that to threaten regime change in a sovereign country was a violation of Article 2 of the UN Charter. Did she not look at the video footage filmed by the western-backed mercenaries themselves taking part in extralegal assassinations, execution of military prisoners, destruction of public places and infrastructure? As head of Human Rights should she have not done something when she can look at western created films and declare people and nations war criminals!!!
  • Urging UN Security Council to refer widespread human rights abuses in Syria to the ICC. Navi Pillay’s involvement with West’s & Gulf States Syrian agenda started in August 2011. Repeating this call in December 2011 and several times in 2012 and she continued to do so in 2013. In a CNN Interview with Hala Gorani she complained that Russia and China were using vetoes to oppose resolutions targeting Syria.
  • Brief to UN General Assembly on 13 February 2012 she declared that ‘the failure of the Security Council to agree on firm collective action appears to have emboldened the Syrian Government to launch an all-out assault in an effort to crush dissent with overwhelming force”. She then called for the matter to be referred to the ICC.
  • Navi Pillay quotes casualty figures supplied by foreign-backed Syrian opposition – another example of bias.
  • Syria’s delegation at the UNHRC “ My country’s delegation inspected the Commissioner’s report and wants to express their deep denunciation and regret at the obvious bias which Pillay practices in her dealing with the events in Syria’. (Faisal Al-Hamwi)
  • Accused of ignoring human rights violations of Al Qaeda and Al-Nusra groups and takfiris arriving from 40 states facilitated by Qatar and Turkey.
  • Accused of not condemning Qatar or Turkey a serious drawback to credibility of UNHRC and its head. Qatar is said to have spent $3billion on war in Syria.
  • Accused of ignoring Syria’s states right to protect its people
  • Accused of presenting an unprecedented exaggeration of situation in city of Al-Qseir – predicting massacres were going to happen 20 days before events started.
  • Accused of hiring an American agency in taking eyewitness accounts on Syria resulting in biased one-sided versions.
  • Accused of continuously referring Syria to the ICC which was not part of her mandate.

Quotes from Syrian delegation: “If the High Commissioner’s office isn’t qualified to give documented data, then it’s better for it to remain silent,”

Quotes from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates: “It is really strange that she used the UN human and financial resources against Syria, based on lies and calls outside her jurisdiction,”

”The Commissioner has rejected to consider the acts of terrorist groups as crimes against humanity, although all standards of identifying crimes against humanity apply to them, and chose instead to level this accusation at the state which is doing its duty in protecting its own people,”

Navi Pillay bias against Sri Lanka

  • Navi Pillay’s Tamil ethnic origins are a direct conflict of interest in functioning as a mediator in Sri Lanka’s conflict. Nemo iudex in causa sua (or nemo iudex in sua causa) means no one should be judge in their own cause. This is a principle of natural justice that no person should judge a case in which they have an interest. Justice should not only be done but should be seen to be done. That cannot happen when there is a suspicion of improper interference in the course of justice. Judicial disqualification or recusal warrants abstaining from participating in an official action if there is a conflict of interest. Navi Pillay’s emotional, genetic and ethnic ties being a Tamil with roots to Tamil Nadu disqualifies her from functioning in a neutral, impartial, unbiased and emotionally detached manner. This directly links to UN ethics guidelines at organizational and personal level. We then question why she has not voluntarily withdrawn using law of recuse a requirement under continental civil law and by the Rome Statute.
  • Her neutrality is questioned why she kept using data supplied by the LTTE news agencies to question a legitimate government and continues to quote from LTTE front organizations as sources for her allegations against the Sri Lankan state.
  • Navi Pillay’s Indian Tamil community in South Africa was said to be aligned with LTTE, funding LTTE and secretly operating military camps to train LTTE – these camps were dismantled by President Mandela after consultations with former Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadiragamar.
  • She can listen with empathy to spouses of dead LTTE leaders but she has no time to travel to other parts of Sri Lanka where LTTE struck terror for 30 years.
  • Within 4 years spending $3billion when Sri Lanka has
    • Rescued from LTTE and resettled 295,873 Tamil IDPs
    • Rehabilitated and reintegrated 11800 former LTTE cadres including 594 child soldiers given a Presidential Pardon
    • Demined virtually all habitable areas
    • Set up massive infrastructure that sees new roads, buildings etc on what grounds does Pillay have to say she is still dissatisfied when none of the recent military interventions have done nothing near Sri Lanka’s achievement after over 10 years of occupation?
  • Accusation that Navi Pillay’s call for an ‘international investigation into war crimes in Sri Lanka’ are to satisfy the 3 prime movers (US,UK and India)
  • Accusation that Pillay has totally ignored over 30 years of war crimes including that of Indian War crimes by Indian Peace Keepers in Sri Lanka and no reference has ever been made by her
  • Accusation of UNHRC & UN being used as an open forum by LTTE fronts lobbying to force UN/foreign politicians to bring charges against the Sri Lankan State and the reluctance to even investigate them.
  • Accusation of her being a peace maker or trouble maker in demanding that the GOSL charge the over 11,000 rehabilitated former LTTE cadres who have integrated into society and starting a new life.
  • Accusation of attempting to polarize communities by bringing up isolated cases of religious issues while totally ignoring the over 700 attacks of mosques in the UK and attempting to link rapes in the North with military presence in order to use that as a ground to demand the removal of the military, another imperial outsourced agenda item.
  • Accusation of procedural bias by circulating her own incriminating report while refusing to attach Sri Lanka’s response giving Sri Lanka’s
  • Accusation of making statements without substantiate evidence in accusing the GOSL as being ‘authoritarian’.
  • The number of instances that she has issued derogatory statements against Sri Lanka from her office without any evidence or quoting from LTTE sources are many and can be listed separately were an investigation to be launched.

Why does Navi Pillay

  • Not investigate the military interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Yugoslavia and the suffering of these people as a result of US/NATO bombing?
  • Not investigate the allegations of human rights abuses taking place in these occupied countries?
  • Not investigate the devastation of land/property/infrastructure and people by US/NATO forces?
  • Not investigate the Human Rights violations of over 26million refugees living in sub-standard UN-run refugee camps where 12million of these refugees have been living for over 10 years. Why does she not take up the cause of these 12million refugees?
  • Not investigate the violation of using international mercenaries to destabilize countries and affect regime change?
  • Not investigate and take action against West for using banned chemicals like DU, white phosphorus?
  • Not investigate the funding/training of locals in countries targeted for regime change
  • Not investigate NGOs and other religious institutes that are foot soldiers for Western regime change agendas – who while spreading their faith through unethical conversions are building the foundations to oust national leaders and place puppets instead?
  • Not investigate terrorists disguised and functioning under charities and NGOs and using tax-free status to transfer money and arms to terrorists in a transnational exercise which foreign governments complicit and involving money-laundering elements too.

Navi Pillay needs to be investigated. Her credibility is wearing thin. She has shown that she is nothing but an imperial tool, a modern version of the Indian sepoy ever ready to use the international position given to her to serve the white masters. If the allegations are baseless, they can only be proven if the UN were to carry out an impartial investigation. That numerous countries have openly through their officials conveyed their government’s position of Navi Pillay’s bias should have warranted the UN Secretary General to hold an investigation into these allegations given that he and Pillay are ever ready to make allegations against others.

A No Confidence Motion needs to be signed and submitted to the UN if it does not hold an internal inquiry. Public Officials holding important portfolios such as that of Human Rights cannot be violating the very rights they are supposed to protect.

Shenali D Waduge