Not ready to go to cemetery with UNP – Mano Ganesan

Mano Ganesan

Minister and the Leader of the Tamil Progressive Alliance (TPA) Mano Ganesan said that he is not ready to go to the cemetery with the United National Party (UNP) if they do not take a correct decision.

He said this while attending to an event held in Deniyaya, Matara.

“We don’t want to form an alliance by force. There is no connection between the forming of the new alliance and appointing the Presidential candidate. We are the ones who decided that the Presidential candidate should be from the UNP. I am the person who presented this proposal in January. In 2010 and 2015, the Presidential candidates were external persons from the UNP. Though Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka is a member of the UNP, then he was outside the Party. We allowed the UNP to decide on a candidate. Therefore, the sons and the grandsons of Senanayakes, Premadasas and Jayewardenes should take the correct decision in this situation,” he added.

He further said that it will not take long to name the Presidential candidate through holding an election by the Executive Committee.

“The Party members know that we don’t have any connection with their delay and the cause for the delay is the UNP. Some internal members prevent the naming of the candidate requested by the people. We have a suspicion that they have a connection with the Opposition. We can’t wait any more. We request the UNP to name their candidate. We are ready to have discussions with the relevant candidate and we are ready to support him if we will be able to work with him. If not, we will leave and the UNP can contest with their candidate,” Ganesan added.

He further said that it is not enough only to win the Presidential Election as they will be required to face the general elections also.  He highlighted that the TPA is ready even to contest alone.

“The UNP is trying to push their Party to the grave even after coming to power after 18 years and they make conspiracies within the Party.  I believe that the grassroots of the UNP will understand this fact,” he added.

(Source: Ceylon Today – By Lakshmi Jayakody)