NPP alone can solve public issues – Tilvin

Tilvin Silva

The National People’s Power says only an administration led by the alliance can solve the problems faced by the public.

Speaking during a public gathering, Chief Secretary of the JVP Tilvin Silva said the country is heading down a destructive path.

He said in order to direct the public towards the correct path the compass is required.

He questioned what the people acquired by appointing in various governments, charging that farmers are yet to receive a guaranteed market price, a majority live under the poverty line, most live without real happiness and children are unable to walk freely on roads.

Tilvin Silva noted the country and its people are in debt, and lack the means to live.

Silva claimed that this is the result of 72 years worth of politics and questioned is such politics should be followed.

While stating that the politicians have already achieved their goals, he claimed the time is apt for the people to win.

Silva added in order for the working class to live with dignity, the National People’s Power must be voted for.

(Source: News Radio)