NPP promises justice for Easter Attack victims with special Judicial Commission

Jathika Jana Balawegaya - National People's Power (NPP)

The National People’s Power (NPP) has stated that if it comes into power, it will set up a special judicial commission to further investigate the Easter Sunday attacks based on findings from previous inquiries.

The NPP aims to ensure justice for the families affected by these attacks.

In a statement, the NPP committed to enforcing the law against those involved in orchestrating the attack, as well as those found responsible, promising swift punishment based on recommendations from this new commission.

The party criticized the current government for failing to deliver justice for the victims, the families harmed, and for the destruction caused.

The NPP describes the Easter attack as a politically motivated conspiracy and declares addressing it as a top priority. The party plans to hold accountable not only the main orchestrator but also other collaborators.

Additionally, the NPP intends to take action against those who, despite having prior intelligence, failed to prevent the attacks, and against security officials who hindered the investigation.

They also plan to bring criminal charges against the political leaders and government officials deemed accountable for the attacks.

The NPP government would also prioritize and expedite ongoing legal cases related to the attacks.

Efforts will be made to extradite criminals who have fled the country to further identify and investigate conspirators.

Lastly, the NPP promises to establish a compensation program for the victims and to repair or reimburse for the property destroyed during the attacks.