President calls for student centred education system

Sri Lanka President Gotabaya Rajapaksa with students of Ananda college Colombo

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa said that the country’s education system should be shifted to a student centred education system from the exam centred and teacher centred education system.

The President made these remarks after commissioning a newly constructed seven storied building complex at Ananda College, Colombo yesterday.

Addressing students and teachers of Ananda College, the President noted that clear instructions and guidelines have already been laid down for education sector reforms. It is compulsorily to shift from the present exam centred and teacher centred education system to a student centred education system. The prime concern of parents with the present education system is seeing their children pass the examinations, the President added.

The President highlighted the need to train students to take up challenges. He pointed out that people who took up challenges have reached high standards in life in the world context. Children should be encouraged to take up challenges through developing self-confidence.

“However it can be noted that most graduates tend to seek government employment instead of lucrative well-paid jobs available in the private sector. This may be the result of the pension scheme of the government service,” the President added.

However, the President pointed out that this situation is due to the defeatist mind-set. It is not wise to take decisions at the age of 23 or 24 projecting a pension received when the age of 60.

“Our young generation should concentrate on making the maximum from the opportunities they receive. Therefore, it is pivotal that the entire education system undergo a radical change,” President Rajapaksa noted whilst urging the students to get ready to take up challenges together in a brotherly manner.

The President said that he is rather happy to have addressed the students and teachers of the school in which he studied. He thanked his parents and teachers who enriched him with the knowledge and wisdom for his success.

(Source: Daily News)

Seven storied building complex at Ananda College in Colombo Sri Lanka