President declares 2019 a year for a new government

Sri Lanka President Maithripala Sirisena

President Maithripala Sirisena says this year will be dedicated towards the appointment of a new government.

Speaking during the opening ceremony of the new Sri Lanka Freedom Party headquarters in Colombo President Sirisena said those who extend their support during times of victory distance themselves during failure.

The President said what the party requires is not people who only wave their flags when victory is clear, adding instead they need the public and supporters who will stand with the party when victory seems far off yet remain supportive in order to quickly return the party to winning ways.

He stated many join the group when they emerge victorious, however some leave when victory seems unlikely, yet some join and remain who are prepared to face a challenge.

Therefore the Head of State noted the party is facing a challenge adding 2019 is an year of elections, therefore it will be an year in which the country will see the birth of a new government.

President Sirisena also said although fear in the country was curbed over the past four years, corruption is yet to be eradicated.

He said it is clear that over the past 4 years fear has been dispelled, adding he challenges anyone who says otherwise.

However the President remarked over the last 25-30 years corruption is yet to be stamped out, further noting corruption and corrupt forces have been strengthened.

The Head of State said some may question despite being the President and having the Police under the President’s purview nothing has changed.

However he noted it is apparent that corruption cannot be eradicated in 24 hours.

(Source: News Radio)