Price of bread hiked from midnight

Bread price in Sri Lanka

It has been decided to temporarily hike the price of a 450 g loaf of bread by Rs. 5 from midnight today (20), stated the Chairman of the All Ceylon Bakery Owners’ Association N. K. Jayawardena.

Jayawardene noted all bakery owners were facing difficulties following the increase of wheat flour prices by Rs. 8 of the 16th of November.

“70 per cent of the bakery owners run on a daily basis. They are used to buying wheat flour stocks sufficient for daily bakery products and recover the cost by selling them. after increasing the wheat flour price, we were unable to bear the cost,” he said.

However, the price hike will be only for bread and other wheat flour prices will not be affected by the price hike, he added.

Jayawardene claimed if bakeries continued in this manner it will lead to a shortage of bread and bakery products.