Rathana Thera calls for banning burka, madrasas

Athuraliye Rathana Thera

Leader of the Ape Jana Bala Party Ven. Aturaliye Rathana Thera, yesterday, asked the government to ban madrasas, burka and Kathi courts within one week. Otherwise, he said, his party would launch a nationwide campaign to boycott Muslim businesses.

Addressing the media at the Sadaham Sevana in Colombo Rathana Thera said some elements in the Muslim community promoted communalism and it was high time the government took cognizance of the situation and took action. “On the basis of an incident at a private bank close to Colombo, Muslim extremists are making various anti-social statements. Some Muslim shops display boards that they will boycott this particular bank and its customers.

That cannot be allowed to happen in this country.

Rathana Thera said that there were recognised Muslim organisations including Jamiyyathul Ulama but none of them uttered a word against communal propaganda carried out by the extremists in the Muslim community.

“We ask the government to ban burka, madrasas and kathi courts,” Rathana Thera said, adding that his party would call for a national Sangha council in Colombo to discuss the matter.

(Source: The Island – By Sirimantha Ratnasekera)