Rs. 5,000 monthly allowance insufficient – Opposition

Kavinda Jayawardena

The opposition has welcomed the move to grant an additional Rs. 5,000 monthly allowance to state sector workers.

Speaking during a media briefing in Colombo today, Parliamentarian Kavinda Jayawardena said however the amount is insufficient for the public to survive in the current climate.

He said only a limited number of vegetables and food items such as rice and sardine can be purchased with Rs. 5,000.

He said the prices of not only the essential items but non-essential goods have also increased steeply in recent months.

MP Jayawardena said by merely providing Rs. 5,000, the government cannot address the issues faced by the people at present.

MP Kavinda Jayawardena stressed that the Rs. 5,000 allowance is completely inadequate considering the current climate.

MP Jayawardena added that the government will need to print Rs. 9.48 Billion worth of cash just to grant the allowance to public sector workers.

He questioned why the private sector has been ignored.

MP Kavinda Jayawardena accused the government of disregarding the plight of the private sector workers, labourers, estate workers, those in the tourism industry and the self-employed.

He said printing more money from the Biyagama plant will further destroy the economy.

(Source: News Radio)