Sajith promises midday meal to schoolchildren

Sajith Premadasa

New Democratic Front presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa, yesterday, said that if he was elected President, every schoolchild would be given two sets of uniforms and the lunch free of charge.

Addressing a political rally in Deraniyagala, Premadasa said when his father Ranasinghe Premadasa was President he provided 4.3 million schoolchildren with new uniforms and midday meal.

“Our opponents decided to scrap that scheme and now they are trying to hoodwink the voters , Premadasa said.

He said, “I will reintroduce this programme when I am elected President on November 16. I will introduce reforms to strengthen the education sector.”

Premadasa said, that the issue of malnutrition among schoolchildren was appalling and he would solve it.

(Source: The Island – By Wasantha Samarawardena and Somachandra Yakandawala)