Sharp drop in vegetable prices in Sri Lanka

Vegetable seller in Sri Lanka

(Photo: YouTube)

The prices of all vegetables have reduced considerably in the Peliyagoda Manning Market due to the high supply and low demand, President of the Peliyagoda Manning Public Market Association HM Upasena said.

By yesterday (March 27), the price of a kilo of beans had reduced to Rs.100. Until now, a kilo of beans was being sold for Rs. 400.

Tomatoes are being sold at between Rs.150-180 per kilogramme, while carrots which were sold at Rs.450 are sold at between Rs.70-100 per kilogramme.

Leeks are sold for Rs. 200 per kilo, while capsicums which cost about Rs. 700 a kilo are being sold at Rs.250 per kilo.

A kilo of brinjal is sold at between Rs. 100-120, while the price of a kilo of cabbage has come down from Rs. 300 to Rs. 50 per kilo.

Meanwhile, following the appreciation of the Sri Lanka Rupee against the US Dollar, prices of a number of essential commodities have reduced.

Minister of Trade Nalin Fernando also noted that the prices of imported items will reduce further in the next few weeks.