SLFP Central Committee decides to appoint interim office bearers

Mahinda Amaraweera

Minister Mahinda Amarawera elaborated on the decision taken by the SLFP Central Committee to appoint an interim office bearer.

According to the Minister, a majority of the office bearers in SLFP are not from SLFP, but are seated in the opposition.

He stated that therefore, interim office bearers will be appointed in the coming days and thereafter the restructuring of the party will take place.

He was then questioned on Dayasiri Jayasekera being appointed as the General Secretary of the party.

Responding to the question he said that he is not aware of it and the decision will be taken by the party, therefore, any comments cannot be given individually.

Question : If the 16 SLFP members who left are to return, will they be accepted to the party?

Answering the question he stated that the party will accept them as they have no desire to see a split SLFP and the only hope of the party is to bring back all together.

He said that the they will welcome those in the opposition who are willing to join with the Sri Lanka Freedom Party.

(News 1st)