Special colour coded stickers to mark essential services vehicles implemented from today

Ajith Rohana - Sri Lanka Police

Police Media Spokesperson DIG Ajith Rohana stated that affixing of a new sticker with 11 different colours based on categories of essential service on vehicles entering Colombo has commenced today (07).

Accordingly, these new stickers will be affixed to vehicles entering the city of Colombo, after providing all their details at the points of entry into the city of Colombo.

The stickers will be valid until the end of the travel restriction period allowing only the number of persons specified in the stickers to travel.

The Police Media Spokesman stated that this new system will solve the problem of delays faced by vehicles entering the city of Colombo. However, he also requested not to misuse the new sticker system.

Newly-introduced colour coded system is as follows:

  1. Green – Health sector
  2. Light blue – Tri-forces and Police personnel
  3. Purple – Private sector
  4. Light brown – Import and export sector, manufacturing and factories
  5. Yellow – Essential supplies
  6. Red – Essential commodities delivering
  7. Orange – Media personnel
  8. White – People travelling to and from airports
  9. Black – For humane reasons (attending funerals, medical appointments or purchasing medications)
  10. Grey – Pre-cooked food and other delivery services
  11. Pink – State sector