In a survey carried out by the Newsweek Magazine, out of the 100 countries surveyed, Sri Lanka has been ranked as the world’s 66th Best Country. Finland has been ranked the best country and Burkino Faso as the last in the 100 countries selected. In the Asian region Malaysia stands ahead of all other countries placed as the 37th best country.

Thailand, China and the Philippines are other Asian countries ahead of Sri Lanka ranking as 58th, 59th and 63rd best countries respectively. Accordingly Sri Lanka becomes the 4th Best Country in the Asian Region.

India, Pakistan and Bangladesh fall far behind Sri Lanka ranked as 78th, 89th and 88th countries. Even countries like Iran, South Africa and Egypt are ranked far behind Sri Lanka occupying 79th , 82nd, and 74th positions respectively. United States is ranked as the 11th country and Britain as the 14th country.

As per the survey India’s per capita income is below Sri Lanka amounting to U.S.$ 1,170 whereas Sri Lanka’s per capita income stands at U.S.$ 1,990. In Pakistan the per capita income stands at U.S.$ 1,020.

As per World Bank assessment, the survey says that it takes only 38 days to start a new business in Sri Lanka. Unemployment rate is ranked 5.9%, and the per capita consumption at U.S.$ 1,414.

In ranking the countries the survey has taken into consideration education, health, quality of life, economic dynamism and political environment as indicators. (niz).