Sri Lanka Nursing University inaugurated

Sri Lanka Nursing University inaugurated

Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe stated that he expects to increase the growth rate of Sri Lanka’s economy to up to 3% by the year 2025 and mentioned that steps would be taken to increase the salaries of government employees.

The President made these remarks during the celebration of International Nurses Day at the Temple Trees, today (May 12).

President Wickremesinghe commemorated the birthday of nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale by inaugurating the Sri Lanka Nursing University.

He says, the establishment of this university, attributed to the relentless efforts of Venerable Dr. Muruththettuwe Ananda Nayaka Thero, symbolizes a triumph after a vigorous battle.

In his address, President Wickremesinghe emphasized the importance of integrating foreign language education into the curriculum of nursing institutions.

He highlighted languages such as English, German, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese, stating that proficiency in these languages would enable nurses to explore opportunities abroad, particularly in countries like England and Germany where there is a high demand for healthcare professionals.

Moreover, President Wickremesinghe addressed the challenges faced by the nation’s economy, acknowledging the recent economic transformation following years of stagnation exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

He underscored the government’s commitment to supporting government employees, announcing plans for salary increases in the coming year.

The President also spoke about the severe malnutrition crisis affecting orphaned children in the country and outlined measures taken to address the issue, including securing increased relief funds from the World Bank and expanding the number of beneficiaries.

Regarding the country’s economic challenges, President Wickremesinghe highlighted the importance of maintaining a budget surplus and emphasized the need for an export-driven economy.

He discussed proposed legislation aimed at strengthening financial regulation, including the Central Bank Law and the State Finance Bill, which are currently under consideration. In addition, President Wickremesinghe stressed the urgency of allocating funds to boost the healthcare sector, particularly in addressing the needs of the growing elderly population and combating malnutrition.

The President expressed confidence in the future prosperity of Sri Lanka, emphasizing the importance of collaboration across political parties in advancing the country’s development agenda.

He called for support for proposed legislation essential for economic growth and urged all stakeholders to contribute to the nation’s progress.

As the country embarked on a new chapter of economic development and social welfare, President Wickremesinghe’s speech resonated with a message of unity and progress, setting the stage for a brighter future for Sri Lanka.