Sri Lanka’s health trade unions launch strike across Central Province hospitals


A collective of health sector trade unions has initiated a token strike across all hospitals in the Central Province today (May 13), citing demands that include an increase in allowances.

Ravi Kumudesh, Co-Convenor of the Health Trade Union Alliance, announced that if their demands are not met, the strike will extend to other provinces starting from May 22.

In response, Saman Rathnapriya, Director General of Trade Unions to the President, stated that the primary concern regarding this issue has been addressed. He confirmed the decision to allocate the allowance in question, mentioning that the relevant circular has already been issued.

However, he noted, “A small section of health workers have yet to receive this allowance. We have urged the Health Minister to submit a cabinet paper requesting the allocation for them. I believe he is working on it.”

“Despite efforts to resolve the matter,” Mr. Rathnapriya added, “they have opted for trade union action. It would be preferable to delay this decision and allow the authorities to address the issue.”

Meanwhile, Minister of Education Susil Premajayantha stated that proposals regarding the monthly allowance and wage disparity of university non-academic staff will be presented during today’s Cabinet meeting (May 13).