Sri Lanka – one and only country with no Government – Mangala

Mangala Samaraweera

Although over 48 hours have been passed after issuing an Interim Order preventing the functioning of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet of Ministers in the purported Government, no action has been taken to establish a Government, Parliamentarian Mangala Samaraweera said.

Issuing a Media statement yesterday (5), he alleged that, Sri Lanka has become the one and only country without a Government in the democratic world as well as our history. Samaraweera said in the statement that the President, who takes this situation of “having no government” so simply, has shown his ignorance and illiteracy to the entire world through his speech during the SLFP Convention held last 4 December.

President has said that, although not having a Government is a new scenario in Sri Lanka, there are countries without Governments.
His statement is as follows:

“He cites Germany as an example. He made a vain attempt to justify the constitutional coup committed by him and emphasized that there was no Government in Germany for 6 months after the General Election in Germany.

Although the General election of Germany was held in 2017 September, no political party was able to show clear majority in the election. In that context, after several rounds of discussions for a couple of months to form a stable Government, they eventually formed a Government in March 2018.

Germany was ruled during that period, which the President stated as period without a Government, by the Chancellor of Germany Anjela Merkel and her Cabinet of Ministers. Moreover, in order to thwart the anarchic plight in the country, whenever a No-Confidence Motion is brought, the name of the person who should be appointed next should be included in the motion (Constructive Motion of No-Confidence).

There is a similar plight in Sweden at present. No single party could command the majority in the past General Election. Under such circumstances, the Prime Minister functions without any change until a stable Government is formed after holding several rounds of discussions to set up the majority.

Creating such a situation in Sri Lanka is against the Constitution, law and also unacceptable internationally. The Constitution is bluntly violated as never before in the history of Sri Lanka by having no Government for over 48 hours.

This type of situation where the Constitution is being withheld from abiding even for a day is seen only in autocratic States. That means the oldest democratic country in Asia is slowly transforming into an autocratic State. President Maithripala Sirisena should take full responsibility for this.
Even President Maithripala Sirisena is blatantly violating the pledges that he has delivered. For this, he should be punished by an impeachment as well by the civil law of the country.

This is the time when all parties who value and respect democracy, regardless of colour, political parties, ethnicity and religious differences, should stand against all of those responsible for this destructive plight.

(Source: Ceylon Today)