Sri Lanka ranks 06th in the World in Child Malnutrition


Sri Lanka ranks 06th among the countries suffering from child malnutrition,UNICEF said.

The organisation also points out that Sri Lanka has been ranked 02 among the countries facing severe malnutrition in South Asia.

UNICEF also says that the rise in the cost of living that has arisen with the economic crisis in the country has also severely affected the diet of the people.

The main reason is the daily increase in food prices.

UNICEF points out that many families in Sri Lanka are skipping daily meals due to lack of nutritious food and lack of ability to buy food.

Accordingly, the organisation further states that one out of every two children in this country is already in need of some kind of emergency assistance.

Mr. George Laryea-Adjei, Director of the South Asia Region of UNICEF, who is on a visit to Sri Lanka, disclosed this in a press conference held on Friday (August 26).

“Sri Lanka is a very bright country in terms of human development, especially in terms of education and health. At a time when the country is in a crisis like this, we as UNICEF request the international community to help secure what Sri Lanka has achieved in terms of health and education.”

“Among the measures taken in the middle of the crisis, there are other areas that need attention. One is to pay attention to malnutrition among children.”

“In child malnutrition, Sri Lanka is at the 06th place globally. Especially children becoming thin. Thinness can become severe very quickly. It can even lead to the death of a child. The problem of thinness in children can be brought to a serious point through the increase in commodity prices and the decrease in family income. This issue must be given special attention. I again appeal to the international community that this is the time we must help the children and families of Sri Lanka.”