Sri Lanka receives USD 890,000 interim compensation for damages by X-Press Pearl

MV X-Press Pearl ship has burnt and is sinking

Sri Lanka’s treasury has received an interim compensation of USD 890,000 from the insurance company of the X-Press Pearl ship for the damages caused by the ship X-Press Pearl.

This was revealed by the Minister of Judicial, Prison Affairs and Constitutional Reforms, Dr. Wijayadasa Rajapaksa.

This amount is intended to cover the costs incurred by the Maritime Environment Protection Authority (MEPA) for the clean-up of the Sri Lankan coastline which was polluted by the fire on the ship.

Meanwhile, the Attorney General’s Department has requested compensation for the damages suffered by the fishermen.

It is reported that the relevant insurance company is currently considering this request as well.

Sri Lanka witnessed what is considered one of the worst marine environmental disasters after the Singapore-flagged container ship, only three months after being commissioned, caught fire some 16 kilometres off Colombo on May 20, 2021, while transporting 1,500 containers including 25 tonnes of nitric acid.

The fire that continued for nearly two weeks resulted in a massive spillage of damaged containers, microplastics, plastic pellets, chemicals and other harmful substances into the sea.