Sri Lanka refuses entry to British tourist with Buddha tattoo

Bandaranayake International Airport

– Submitted by Walter Jayawardhana –

COLOMBO: Sri Lankan immigration authorities have deported a British national who had arrived on holiday to the island.

The Briton, who arrived here yesterday, was quizzed by the authorities at Bandaranaike International Airport as he was having images of Buddha tattooed all over his body. The Briton explained that it was his free personal choice.

The act was deemed offensive to the majority Sinhalese community, who constitute 74 per cent of Lanka’s population.

The airport officials in consultation with their seniors decided not to allow him an entry.

British tourists are the second largest inbound travel market in the island’s booming tourism industry after Indians.

Sri Lanka has a majority of population, around 74 per cent, from Sinhalese community (Courtesy: The Times of India)