Sri Lanka to introduce E-NIC and E-Passport by this year (2024)

e-passport and e-nic in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka to introduce Electronic National Identity Card (e-nic) and Electronic Passport (e-passport) within this year (2024).

Commissioner General of the Department for Registration of Persons (DRP) G. Pradeep Saputhanthri said preliminary activities relating to the introduction of the Electronic National Identity Card (e-nic) and infrastructure facilities will be underway.

The DRP is hoping to collect public data relating to biometric and facial identifications through all the District Secretariats in the country by June, 2024.

Meanwhile, Controller General of Immigration and Emigration I.S.H.J. Ilukpitiya said preliminary programmes for the introduction of the e-passport and the procurement procedures have been completed.

Therefore, The Electronic Passport (e-passport) will be introduced to the country by the end of 2024, he said.

With the introduction of the new passport, the Sri Lankan passport will become one of the most well-recognized passports among other countries.