Sri Lanka’s education ministry halts outdoor school activities due to heat

Ministry of Education in Sri Lanka

Responding to the escalating atmospheric heat, the Education Ministry in Sri Lanka has issued a directive to all school authorities, urging them to suspend strenuous outdoor activities for students until Friday (March 01).

The directive mandates schools to refrain from organizing sports events, practices, or any other outdoor activities during this period to prioritize the well-being and safety of students.

Provincial and zonal education authorities have been tasked with briefing school principals on this directive, emphasizing the importance of adhering to the guidelines provided by both the Health Ministry and the Education Ministry.

This precautionary measure comes in light of the ongoing surge in high-temperature weather, which poses potential risks to students engaging in strenuous outdoor activities.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Education has issued a set of guidelines aimed at safeguarding school children from possible heat-related risks amidst the current weather conditions.

In a press release, the Education Ministry emphasized the necessity for schools to comply with these instructions, ensuring the protection of students during this period of heightened atmospheric temperatures.