Sri Lanka’s electricity tariffs to increase by 75%

Power cut candle in Sri Lanka

The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) today granted permission to increase the electricity tariff by 75% from tomorrow (August 10), PUCSL Chairman Janaka Rathnayake said.

Accordingly, Rs.198 will be added to the electricity bill for customers who use up to 30 units.

PUCSL Chairman Janaka Rathnayake said that the electricity tariff will be increased by 200% from 30 to 60 units.

According to PUCSL, although the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) had asked for a tariff hike of 276% for the use of 60 to 90 units, PUCSL has allowed only up to 125%.

Accordingly, Rs.599 increase for electricity usage between 31 to 60 units, Rs.1,461 increase for 61 to 90 units and Rs.2,900 increase for 90 to 120 units.

Tariff Increase as a percentage:

  • 0 – 30 Units : 264%
  • 31 – 60 Units: 211%
  • 61 – 90 Units: 125%
  • 91 – 120 Units: 89%
  • 121 – 180 Units: 79%

Steps have also been taken to encourage electricity consumers to promote renewable electricity generation with the tariff revision decision, PUCSL Chairman said.

PUCSL Chairman Janaka Rathnayake also said that the new tariff revision has been prepared to provide relief to the hotel sector and the industrial sector.

“During the last 9 years, the value of the dollar has increased by 190 percent. Therefore, the industries in the export sector will not be greatly affected by this electricity tariff revision. Instead of the 116 percent tariff increase proposed by the Ceylon Electricity Board for industries, hotels and general-purpose sectors with low electricity consumption will get an approved tariff increase of 39 percent for the public sector and 75 percent for the industrial sector. Only 50 percent of the increase in the approved rates, especially for the tourism sector, will come into effect on 10th of August 2022. The remaining 50 percent tariff increase will come into effect after another three months as an incentive and relief, facilitating the tourism industry to recover. In addition, it has been decided to provide a 1.5 percent discount when electricity bills are paid in dollars as a relief to the tourism and export industries,” he added.