Sri Lanka’s Opposition Leader questions Government’s coal deal

Sajith Premadasa

Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa made a revelation regarding a deal in which Sri Lanka is set to spend 1.5 Billion USD, exceeding the market value for 4.5 million metric tonnes of coal.

The Opposition Leader demanded the reason for the Government spending Rs. 524 billion when the people do not have food to eat and the means to live.

“How can the limited dollar reserves of the country be used to purchase coal at a price above the market value? Some factions will say the coal will be used to generate power at the Norochcholai power plant. It is true that coal is needed. But why can’t it be purchased at the market price, the fair price?” the Opposition Leader demanded.

He further demanded as to why a price higher than the market value is being spent, and as to who is obtaining this commission.

Opposition Leader Premadasa also went onto demand whether or not there was a tender procedure, and whether it is an unsolicited proposal

“While the people are standing in queues to purchase fuel, rice and milk powder, is the Government trying to earn something from coal?” the Opposition Leader said.

Additionally, he requested the Government to provide information or to release a statement regarding this coal deal during today’s (August 29) Parliamentary sitting.

(Courtesy: News 1st)