Sri Lanka’s worst COVID outbreak yet to come – Professor Malik Peiris

Professor Malik Peiris

Head of Virology at the University of Hong Kong, Professor Malik Peiris has warned that the worst for Sri Lanka is yet to come, and it will hit the island in the coming months.

He also notes that the entire world could have prevented the pandemic, had the health sector been given the same priority as defence.

The new strain of SARS-CoV-2, the Delta variant, has caused havoc in India and it is going to have major impact on Sri Lanka in the coming weeks, Prof. Peiris stressed.

“As a public health professional, I would be remising my duty if I do not warn that Sri Lanka is going to face the worst COVID outbreak it has faced in the months ahead.”

Prof. Peiris, who commended the national inoculation drive, pointed out vaccination will not provide protection against the Delta variant as two doses of the vaccine are required to make a significant impact.

(Source: Ada Derana)