‘State officials shouldn’t adhere to MR’s orders’ – Ravi

Ravi Karunanayake

United National Party Parliamentarian Ravi Karunanayake says state officials who adhere to orders issued by Mahinda Rajapaksa should be held responsible for their actions.

Speaking at a UNP meeting in Kesbewa last evening the MP said the proposed new Constitution should be enacted.

The Parliamentarian noted by the 5th or 6th of this week the UNF will establish a government under the leadership of Ranil Wickremesinghe.

He stressed through a new Constitution measures will be taken to immediately abolish the Executive Presidency.

UNP MP Dr. Rajitha Senaratne who was also present at the meeting said the Constitutional crisis can be resolved through the means of discussions.

However he noted the President’s failure to adhere to the Constitution, will result in stern action.

MP Senaratne claimed the President called him on the morning after the dissolution of Parliament where he informed the President that he not only sought revenge against Ranil Wickremesinghe but also against him.

The Parliamentarian said as a result of a personal drudge the entire country is destitute.

He claimed the President is prepared to handover the government to the UNF, but is refusing to work with Ranil.

MP Senaratne stressed Maithripala Sirisena cannot be JR Jayawardene or Ranasinghe Premadasa.

(Source: News Radio)